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The Wild 2006


Walt Disney Pictures

Director Steve "Spaz" Williams

Production Design: Chris Farmer


"Thumbs up!"- Roger Ebert

"The CG Is quitefrankly the best American
animation to date,with rendering more akin
to the gorgeous surrealism of Japan's recent
efforts,including a few very artistic sequences
that really make it something to look at." -Aint it Cool news.

"Disney's menagerie is
caged and better than
last years Madagascar!" -Los Angeles Times.

Some of the film's images, in fact — like a pair
of sewer-dwelling alligators with hideously
pockmarked hides — are shivery enough to
inspire night terrors in all but the most
precocious toddlers."The Wild" is filled with softness and texture.
When a breeze stirs the coat of Samson the lion,
the hairs lift and separate just like the real thing. -New York Times.

"The Wild" as it turns out,
is better than its Zoo-escape
rival.It has a good director,
snazzy visuals, some really
funny animals (and) some truly
spectacular animation." -Chicago Tribune.



Circus Lion Scene.