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Teknolust 2002


Skouras Pictures

Director Lyn Hershman Leeson

Production Design: Chris Farmer



Anxious to use artificial intelligent robots to improve the world, Rosetta Stone (Tilda Swinton), a bio-geneticist, devises a recipe through which she can download her own DNA into a "live” brew she is growing in her computer. She succeeds in breeding three Self Replicating Automatons – S.R.A.’s that look human, but were bred as intelligent machines. She names them Ruby, Marine and Olive.

In order to survive, the S.R.A.'s need injections of male Y chromo found only in spermatozoa. Rosetta programs Ruby while she sleeps to absorb images and dialogue of classic movie clips of famous seductions. Ruby acts these out in the real world and shares ‘donations’ with her sisters.

Ruby’s evolving contact with the real world eventually introduces her to art, spirituality, and ultimately, when she meets Sandy (Jeremy Davies), the capacity to fall in love.

All of the characters struggle to find meaning in a world where love is the only thing that makes things real. In the process they find harmony between the real and the virtual worlds.