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Haiku Tunnel 2001


Sony Pictures Classics

Directed by Jake & Josh Kornbluth

Production Design: Chris Farmer



There are a million temps in the naked city, but Josh Kornbluth is the best. He always shows up for work on time, has a Talmudic mastery of Microsoft Word, and only steals office supplies when he absolutely has to. So what's his problem?

His problem is that everything in his life is temporary. His jobs. His relationships. His apartment, with its world-class collection of greasy KFC boxes and half-empty Diet Coke cans.

Josh is suffering from the Unbearable Lightness of Temping, and he can't take it any more.

Now, as fate would have it, his temp agency sends him to a new assignment -- at an enormous downtown law firm called Schuyler & Mitchell. And if the prospect of spending a couple of days temping at "S&M" weren't daunting enough, at the end of his very first day Josh is asked the question that he has always feared the most: Will he go "perm"?

It's an offer that he can't refuse (they'll cover his psychotherapy!). So now, for the first time in his life, Josh goes perm. And right away Josh's new boss, the mysterious Bob Shelby, gives him 17 very important letters to mail out.

But Josh doesn't mail out the letters that day.

And he doesn't mail them out the next day, either.

Or the next.

Each day, Josh comes in to work later and later, dreading the moment when his boss will realize the letters haven't gone out -- but also, somehow, finding time to work on a novel during work hours.

Clearly, this lifelong temp is having a tough time going perm. And clearly, at some point the White-Out is going to hit the fan.

When it finally does, our hapless hero is thrown upon the mercy of oblivious attorneys, an unflappable night guard, a beautiful (and somewhat gullible) young criminal lawyer -- and, of course, those seemingly unmailable 17 letters.

It's a comedy for our time. It's your boss's worst nightmare. It's "Haiku Tunnel" -- which Sony Pictures Classics is delivering (on time!) to a theater near you.