chrisfarmerChris moved from England to Los Angeles in the mid-1980’s He toiled in a small ad agency in the art department all the while looking for inroads to the film community. Once found, he immersed himself in it by attending film school and simultaneously working on features and television in a variety of departments. He quickly found his feet in the art departments of a few production designers working in commercials and music videos in the then-booming LA production houses such as Propaganda Films, Limelight and RSA. Some of the most fulfilling and creative work during this three to four year period was as an art director for Production Designer Alex McDowell. Chris’ work with Alex included commercials and music videos with directors such as David Fincher, Tarsem, Spike Lee and artists such as Madonna, Aerosmith and Michael Jackson. Chris's first feature film as an Art Director was the 1991 groundbreaking cybertale, “The Lawnmower Man" also designed by McDowell.

After a move to Northern California, Chris settled into a new role as Production Designer for George Lucas’ Industrial Light and Magic in San Rafael, one of the premiere visual effects companies in the world. Chris worked with in-house and outside directors on a variety of short narrative projects, film sequences and award-winning commercials that pushed the boundaries of visual effects. Among these spots were General Motors EV1 “Appliances” and BP’s “Transformer” for Joe Johnston, and for Steve Beck, the dark and mysterious worlds of a First Union Bank campaign, which garnered a Gold Medal for Art Direction at the New York Film Festival in 1998.

After nearly seven years of live action VFX commercials at ILM, Chris teamed with Bay Area filmmaker Jacob Kornbluth on the Sundance Film Festival selection "Haiku Tunnel" (2001) and Lynn Hershman Leeson for "Teknolust" (2002), also a Sundance selection. After these two films, Chris reunited with Clint Goldman and Steve “Spaz” Williams with whom he had worked at ILM on a successful campaign for Blockbuster Video involving 3D animated characters--a Williams specialty--the computer generated characters “Carl & Ray”. From the strength of these two characters, the group developed “The Wild Life” for Walt Disney Pictures. filmintv

Later titled “The Wild” this feature-length 3D animated film, set in New York City and the jungles of Africa, was designed in San Francisco with a small group of artists using pre-vis, 3D modeling and VFX tools, along with a full editorial staff, in a small studio in SOMA. The group was able to produce a pre-vis version of the film, ready to pass on to CORE in Toronto for full production. As Production Designer and Art Director Chris oversaw the design process from San Francisco to Toronto, from pre-vis through modeling, lighting and final compositing, all resulting in a unique photorealistic style.“The Wild” was released in April 2006.

In 2007 taking Pre vis and his VFX knowledge back to live action Chris once again connected with Alex McDowell (co producer) on “Bunraku” a stylized martial arts action film directed by Guy Moshe and produced by Snoot Entertainment
Set in a world conceivably made from paper and combining a “Mashup” of looks and genres, the
independent project needed creative design and careful planning with pre-vis and 3D modeling tools to execute the construction of twenty eight sets (some from cardboard). The construction and principle photography took place over a period of 5 months on eight soundstages with two simultaneous shooting crews in Bucharest Romania in the first half of 2008. Chris likes to maintain close co-ordination with the Art, VFX and Post Production teams to ensure the original concepts and looks conceived with the Director are achieved in Post Production.

The fall of 2008 sees Chris team up with Walt Disney Imagineering for a journey into the
world of theme park attractions, creating a new family entertainment experience for Euro Disney in Paris, The attraction based on a Pixar Animation Film demands an elaborately detailed and scaled environment whilst using the latest technology to create a truly unique ride experience that will push the envelope of theme park rides and attractions to the next level.

In 2009 Chris continued his Production Designer role re-connecting with Snoot Entertainment, to oversee the visual effects art direction and creation of digital sets and scenery for “Bunraku" and also consulting with Jay Ward on his animated feature "Johnny and the Dream Machine", all the while staying connected to the commercial world designing and art directing spots with Clint Goldmans Hoytyboy Pictures/ Moskito in San Francisco.

Recently Chris jumped in to help Snoot Entertainment re create their environments and sets for "Undocumented" Directed by Chris Peckover, a politically charged horror film due for release in 2011.

In 2010 Chris re-unites with Alex McDowell and art directs "In Time" ( Andrew Niccol) a science fiction thriller.

"Man of Steel" the Superman reboot ( Zack Snyder ) comes next, Chris art directs for Alex in Chicago Vancouver and Los Angeles finishing with a supervising role at Edwards Air Force Base. " Man of Steel" is due for release in 2013.

Chris Currently resides in Los Angeles.